“Gariful” restaurant is situated on the sunniest island of the Croatian coast, at the very waterfront of the town of Hvar, where the most luxurious yachts in the world are aligned next to each other. Thanks to its excellent position, exceptional specialities and a rich wine card, every guest can enjoy the stunning view, great atmosphere and the unique gastronomic pleasures in this restaurant.

A long time ago, in 1981, “Gariful” restaurant first opened its doors wishing to offer its customers something new and different, a unique pleasure combined with the outstanding specialities, always fresh fish and seafood and some of the special, but sometimes also very rare bottles of wine that the wine cellar of this restaurant can be proud of.

This restaurant, with a pretty common name, has a much deeper meaning for its owner. Namely, “Gariful” in the Dalmatian dialect means a carnation, a flower of reconciliation which symbolizes admiration, respect and deep emotions. It represents the family business of its owner, who proudly takes the same nickname as his father before him, since the name remained and imposed itself as a reminder of their first business with flowers.