A Wave from Gabriela Sabatini

By Ivana Vrselja March 15, 2012 Blog

Tennis is an important part of the Gariful portfolio, and the restaurant hosts the Gariful Hvar Open every April, an ATP tour event on the women’s circuit, with $10,000 prize money for the winner. The event is held at the Gariful Sports Center on the edge of Hvar Town.
While the participants in the Hvar Open may never go on to win the US Open or Wimbledon, Gariful still manages to attract tennis champions to Gariful… for fine dining. Gabriela Sabatini, for example, who won the US Open singles in 1990 and Wimbledon ladies’ doubles in 1988, took time out from an excellent fish dinner at Gariful to wave at local photographer Jaksa Kuzmicic, in this shot taken on August 20, 2010.