Always fresh fish right from the sea

By Ivana Vrselja July 2, 2017 Blog










What makes the offer of elite seaside restaurants extraordinary compared to others is definitely the offer of fresh fish and seafood. ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant cherishes a long tradition of cooperation with local fishermen and it also has its own 7 fishing boats and this ensures that there is a wide choice of fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality every day.

Every ​morning, even before the restaurant starts working and opens its door to welcome the guests eager to have a delicious meal and before the sun spreads on the sea surface, the tireless fishermen set sails in their boats and come back to the harbour with their daily catch of fresh fish which will soon find its way to the tables of the restaurant. Besides the offer of first-class fresh fish and the best catch of that day, the menu of our restaurant also includes seafood, fresh shrimps, delicious squids, well-known octopus and the speciality for gourmets, its majesty, a lobster.

​A special experience in ‘’Gariful’’ restaurants are the various kinds of fish from the Adriatic sea, lobsters and small sharks in a large aquarium implemented in the floor of the restaurant, so the guests can enjoy the fluttering sights of these attractive sea creatures while having their meals. The look at these sea animals freely swimming in the aquarium during your meal, also works as anti-stress therapy and we are sure that they greatly relax everyone. Moreover, combined with the delicious food and one of the extraordinary wines from our offer, they contribute to the improvement of the mood in everyone.

​If you still haven’t visited our extraordinary restaurant of Mediterranean food, fish specialities and seafood, you should certainly do it as soon as possible and enjoy its charms and the unique experience it offers to all its guests.

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