Amazing chef special- Mixed shells in “buzara” sauce

By Ivana Vrselja August 14, 2017 Blog

Seashells prepared on buzara in white wine sauce represent a unique experience for seafood lovers. The main ingredients of this specialty of ”Gariful” restaurant are: sheashells boiled with a little garlic, olive oil, parsley and white wine. Besides the white wine, which, by its refined features, contributes greatly to the overall taste and intensifies the gastronomic experience when tasted, what actually makes this meal exceptional is the sauce called Buzara all around Dalmatia.

Buzara is a mysterious sauce which has been passed on from generation to generation for years and jealously kept among the most famous chefs. Its origin is connected with ancient Romans and Greeks, but, in this form, it is typical for Croatian coast. The main characteristic of buzara is that, through the unity of its ingredients and tastes, it connects their features without changing their original form. If we compare it withcooking, frying and roasting, where the shape, smell and taste of the ingredients change significantly, this procedure represents one of the greatest challenges for a lot of well-known chefs, since the tendency in this preparation process is to preserve all the original features that fresh seashells just taken from the sea may possess. Thus prepared seashells in buzara and white wine sauce offer a real pleasure through its unique mixture of ingredients and tastes to everybody who orders this meal from our head chef.