By Ivana Vrselja August 13, 2019 Blog

Summer days are getting its closure, and we feel like it has just begun! After all the celebrities and as important non-celebrities, yesterday night we were visited by Albert II, the reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco and head of the princely house of Grimaldi. Prince Albert is one of the wealthiest royalsin the world, with assets valued at more than $1 billion, which include land in Monaco and France. Although Prince Albert does not own the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, he does own shares in the Société des bains de mer de Monaco, which operates Monaco’s casino and other entertainment properties in the principality.

This royal himself came to our restaurant accompanied with his family and made us glow a little bit more. He sitted at our rooftop terrace enjoying the stunning view and relaxing atmosphere following by appropriate music. He wasn’t very picky, he must have seen that staff of Gariful know its job and let us reccomend him something. So he enjoyed in a fish menu cause no place in this area that can offer you that high quality sort of fresh fish. They all together had a great night, we can see that not only by his words, but on smile at their faces. And trust us, we are very known with happy guests. No other sort here. Thank you Albert, counting till next time.