Ashley Colburn Made Reportage About Gariful Restaurant

By Ivana Vrselja August 13, 2013 Blog

Ashley Colburn is the host and producer of the show called “WOW” on Wealth TV. She filmed episodes in Nicaragua, Turkey, and San Francisco as well as Croatia. This time she came to Gariful to find out more about the most exclusive fish restaurant in Dalmatia. You will see reportage soon on Gariful facebook page.

American journalist filmed the serial (seven episodes) named “Wonders of Croatia”. Each episode lasts for an our, and shows beauty of every Croatian region. Premiere of serial was last weekend at Sveti Martin and soon it will be broadcasting by Croatian national television. Ashely is hoping to get another Emmy for this serial.

At 2010. her show “WOW Croatia” won an Emmy and Croatia’s Golden Pen.
Croatia’s Golden Pen award honors one print media winner and one broadcast media winner from each of 20 countries. Colburn received the award for the best United States television feature. “The Golden Pen was quite an honor,” Colburn said. “It was a great privilege to be able to receive the award.”

Ashley Colburn told us that she will broadcast serial about Croatia all over the world! That makes us happy as well as the fact that Wealth TV reaches approximately 10 million viewers across the United States and the Caribbean.

We are grateful to Ashley for showing the world Croatian beauty!