Magazine “Sea” And Brazilian “Lifestyle” About Exclusive Fish Restaurant

By Ivana Vrselja August 17, 2013 Blog

We are bringing to you some segments from the “Sea”.

The story starts at 2001 when young Ivan Gospodnetic decided to make his dream true, to build an exclusive fish restaurant. “It was hardworking”, Ivan said. Today , restaurant Gariful is the most exclusive fish restaurant in Dalmatia. There are seven fishermen that supply restaurant with daily catch fish and seafood. “It is all about good organisation and management. This kind of job requires lot of patience and love for both, food and people.”

“I am proud of all restaurant staff, because we are working like a team.” Altogether there are 22 employees, with leader Ivan, chef Stijepo Gurabic with his assistant Svetlana Cara, barbecue man Jaksa Caric, and head waiter Ivica Bilandzic.

When you come to restaurant you can choose from rich fish menu, but there is also something for those who prefers meat. Altogether there are some 60 amazing dishes you can choose from; fresh seafood salads, soups, spaghetti, risotto, all kind of fishes grilled, local fish stew- Gregada, fresh lobsters from their own pool, and for meat lovers there are nice fresh steaks, chicken and lamb spit.

Gariful wine list is one of the richiest in Dalmatia, so there is a wide range of wines you can choose from.
Here is what we tried: macaroni with truffles, seafood salad, scampi soup, black cuttlefish risotto and panna cotta and flan for desert. It was fabulous, from start to the end!

If you prefers to eat at your yacht or in private accommodation Gariful exclusive fish restaurant is ready to provide you with their Gariful Yacht Supply service.


The “Lifestyle” brazilian magazine wrote…Gariful became the meeting point in the region…

“Prince Harry and Giorgio Armani recommended it. Gariful is successfull among the audience and critics. Standing by the Hvar Town sea, in Croatia, it is currently one of the trendiest-and most luxurious-restaurant serving fish in the island, which is known by its fresh seafood. It is a mandatory stop for yachts in the Adriatic.”