Discover organic Gariful Farm

By Ivana Vrselja August 25, 2017 Blog

Many successful people tend to create a special place for them where they will relax and enjoy themselves. Wishing to offer his guests the highest-quality and the most delicious organic food grown exclusively in the natural and traditional way, Ivan Gospodnetić, the owner of ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant, has made a farm not far from the restaurant and the centre of events in Hvar, in Beli Potok, a place only a kilometer away.
We can proudly tell our guests that the vegetables used for the preparation of meals is of ecological origin and that it comes to the plate directly and immediately after picked from their natural oasis and thus, with its extraordinary quality and taste, it is far above the vegetables bought in a shop.
With great attention and dedication of the workers, various kinds of vegetables are grown, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage – for salad, but also potatoes, onions, chard, zucchini and carrots, which are used for the preparation of various meals in the restaurant. We must not forget strawberries, these extraordinary delicacy, which quickly find their way to some of the favourite desserts of ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant after they reach their optimal ripeness.
This ecological oasis also offers a unique opportunity to visit a zoo and to spend some time with farm animals, but also with some rare wild ones. The entrance to the farm and the zoo is free for everyone, so the whole families can visit this authentic attraction in Hvar and provide children with a rare pleasure.
Some of the most interesting animals that can be found in the zoo are: an eagle called Alex, swans, owls and a macaw Ara, but also a llama, a monkey, raccoons and a serval. However, everybody spends most of their time in front of a Caiman crocodile which leaves all the visitors breathless by its appearance.
The people who work on the farm take care of all the animals, and the farm animals also contribute to the restaurant with their products such as eggs, milk and cheese, which represent the essential elements of many specialties in the kitchen.
Besides vegetables and fruit grown on the farm, following its vision and the fulfillment of its set goals, ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant has formed its own olive orchard where they grow olives. From these olives, using traditional methods and recipes, olive oil is made and it is then used by chefs in the kitchen for the preparation of some of the specialties of ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant. After they reach their full ripeness, the olives also take equal part in the meals of the Mediterranean cuisine of this restaurant.
When we take into account the overall effort, energy and dedication that the owner of this restaurant, together with this exceptional team around him, makes in growing, preparation and serving, the success is guaranteed.
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