Famous tennis star dine at restaurant Gariful!

By Ivana Vrselja April 27, 2019 Blog

In the peak of the summer season, during the euphoria of the world championship, we hosted some very dear guests and famous people. However, we had the opportunity to host a well-known tennis player, trendseter, and former number 1 on the WTA list, Jelena Jankovic also known as JJ.

This exceptional tennis player and true worker on the tennis court, besides the first place on the WTA list, can also highlight her Wimbledon Grand Slam title from one of the most prestige tournament, as well as the fact that she was a participant in the finals on the US Open. During her long career she won matches against many favorites, the winners of the Grand Slam title and with her own sense of competitiveness managed to achieve some truly amazing victories.

What’s important to mention is that besides playing tennis, her sense of creativity showed through her own fashion line under her name in the “Mona” fashion company. As she works on her body, her figure was brought to perfection due to training, she loves to dress well and keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends. “Mona” fashion house offered to make specially tailored clothing pieces which can be found in stores in a limited edition. Over the years Jelena started to create, according to her own affinities, clothes for the younger generations which they can wear in any occasion there is.

To restaurant Gariful she came with friends, they enjoyed their privacy and our staff was on hand to fulfill any of their wishes and make their time spent in the restaurant unforgettable. During their visit on the terrace they enjoyed in the beautiful sea view alongside the best islands dishes and a drinks from the famous Gariful wine cellar that should not be especially presented.

With her appearance, kindness and smile, no one was left cold hearted, therefore we truly hope that we will have an opportunity to host her once again.