Fancy a royal night out? Eat, Drink, Party Prince Harry Style!

By Ivana Vrselja March 15, 2012 Blog

Written by Paul Bradbury on Wednesday, 09 November 2011. Posted in Hvar Town, Island News, Tourism, Food and Drink
Fancy a royal night out? Eat, Drink, Party Prince Harry Style!
Hvar Nightlife: Party Like a Prince in 3 Easy Steps!

Hvar has many more celebrity visitors than make the news, and the tourist board has a commendable policy of protecting its famous visitors from prying eyes.  They will neither confirm nor deny the presence of a star on the island, thereby allowing them to enjoy a holiday in peace.  Of course, if a celebrity falls fully clothed into a swimming pool on camera, it is hard to deny…

So just where did Harry go on THAT night, and what does a royal night out offer guests in Hvar Town?  There are three main stops, before heading back to the royal yacht – eat, drink, party.

Food: Restaurant Gariful

Although Gariful refuses to comment on its celebrity diners, it was widely reported in the local media that Harry and his entourage enjoyed a slap-up fish extravaganza in Hvar’s top waterfront fish restaurant.

As influential travel guide Rick Steves says in his excellent Hvar video at Gariful below, a fish should swim three times in its life: in the sea prior to capture; in olive oil during its preparation; and in quality wine at the dining table.

Gariful takes this mantra seriously, and all the ingredients are local.  Fresh fish caught daily by local fishermen, prepared in the island’s infamous virgin olive oil and washed down with quality Hvar wines.

While Harry’s choice of menu is not public knowledge, a suggested three-course splurge at Gariful could start with fish carpaccio, drunk lobster in tomato and white wine sauce and served with spaghetti, with local speaciality dessert rozada to finish, all washed down with a bottle or two of Caplar from local vintner Andro Tomic.

There is a free welcoming drink for guests arriving who inform the waiter they are on the Total Hvar Royal Tour.