Gariful Caters to 300 Guests at Sasa Matijas’ Birthday in Rijeka

By Ivana Vrselja July 11, 2012 Blog

It is peak season in Hvar Town and the restaurants are full. Despite the busy pace of life, Gariful owner, Ivan Gospodnetić, found time to travel to Rijeka last Friday, where he catered for 300 guests of Saša Matijaš for his 39th birthday at Villa Costabella in Rijeka.

Matijaš – a former football player until he suffered a car accident, after which he went into the textile business and now included Birkenstock, Gucci, Lufthansa, Adidas and Bulgari among his clients – has been a regular at Restaurant Gariful since Gospodnetić took over the family business ten years ago.

He recently teamed up with designer Juraj Zigman to produce the Lay-Z cushion brand, which is now taking off and is becoming a hit from Los Angeles to Saint Tropez.

The birthday celebration included red carpets, fireworks, famous DJs, erotic dancers and the finest fish from the island of Hvar. Team Gariful served up a meal which consisted of octopus salad and red snapper, with Gospodnetić himself grilling from midnight until 5am.

The party finished at 7am, with some guests retiring to the 20 or so yachts moored up in front of the villa, and a large donation was given to charity.

Just one more example of the luxury Hvar providing the very best on offer.