Gariful Facebook Page Promoting Hvar Hits 5.000 Fans

By Ivana Vrselja December 17, 2012 Blog

Restaurant Gariful is delighted to announce that its Facebook page, Hvar, has attracted its 5,000th fan.

The page was started earlier this year, with the express intention of promoting all aspects of the town of Hvar to a national and international audience. It is regularly updated, with useful island updates from portals Otok Hvar and Total Hvar, quality photographic contributions from Foto For, Petar Botteri, Marinela Pavlovic and Hrvoje Bakovic among others, as well as several other contributors.

We thank you for your interest so far, and look forward to continuing the very pleasant work of promoting one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. See you at the 10,000 fans announcement shortly!

If you have not yet seen the page, why not become a fan today?