Gariful on Vacation: Never Far from Fish and the Sea

By Ivana Vrselja February 10, 2013 Blog

What has the Gariful family been up to during the winter break on Hvar?

A little international travel, as Ivan Junior will be starting school next year, so it is the last opportunity to take an extended family holiday before real education begins…

And, as you would expect from Hvar’s most exclusive fish restaurant, fish and the sea were never far away. After a spell in Barcelona, the family are now in Dubai, and Gariful, the Next Generation seems to be picking up a few fishing skills of its own…

Gariful owner Ivan Gospodnetic has gone native with an interesting choice of dress, while the sight of such a large aquarium will surely be giving him thoughts of something similar in the restaurant perhaps?

The good news for Gariful restaurant lovers is that the doors will open for the 2013 season in late March, and we will publish the exact date once it is finalised.