Going Organic: Welcome to the Gariful Farm

By Ivana Vrselja May 19, 2014 Blog



Living on the most beautiful island in the world can be hard, but someone has to do it. In addition to being the sunniest island in Europe and the island with the most UNESCO heritage in the world, the quality and naturalness of Hvar food was officially recognised by UNESCO last year, as the island, along with Brac and five other locations on the Mediterranean, had its Mediterranean diet inscribed as intangible UNESCO heritage.


At Gariful, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our fish, but also on the quality of all our food.

Gariful has started a new project recently to continue that tradition, the production of Gariful’s own organic food from a small farm just outside Hvar Town. These are early days, but owner Ivan Gospodnetic was delighted to harvest his first organic strawberry, above, recently.


There are a range of animals on the farm, including an eagle, and Gariful will be making the farm available to local children soon as an additional attraction on the island. A healty and organic addition to Hvar’s gastronomic offer.