Good News Travels Fast: TV Show About Gariful Services

By Ivana Vrselja July 10, 2013 Blog

Croatian TV show «The Sea» broadcast report about new exclusive services in Hvar.
Both of them are launched by Ivan Gospodnetic, the owner of Restaurant Gariful.
Gariful Yacht Suply- it provides products, supply and delivery wherever you need it, on your yacht or in private accommodation. Visit and select Gariful services that you need. You can make a purchase online and choose from large assortment.
Submarine- in 30 minutes you can discover untouched undersea world, beautiful Hvar archipelago. You can buy your tickets in front of the Gariful restaurant and join us in this exciting tour to the island Galesnik and experience a unique adventure that is hidden under the sea.

Visit link below and see by yourself!