Great sportsman, Handanović visited Gariful again

By Ivana Vrselja June 19, 2018 Blog

We have often had the opportunity to host famous people from the worlds of sports and business, and this time we were visited by our ever a dear guest, a big star of FC Inter Milan and of the national team of Slovenia – Samir Handanović.

He came by accompanied by a friends. He was in a good mood, enjoyed a light meal and drink, and with his positive energy and appearance he left a deep impression on everybody in the restaurant.

His human qualities are very well known and therefore don’t require any additional explanation, while his sports achievements could be described at great length. His extraordinary physical predisposition and good anticipation have instilled fear in the heart of penalty takers. He is sometimes called a ‘man-octopus’, a ‘man with a hundred arms’ and ‘magical Handanović’ because of the exquisite skill he has shown while facing the opposition-side attackers.

Namely, Handanović, known by the nickname Sarma among his friends,is likely to beat Gianluca Pagliuca’s current record of 24 saved penalties in the Italian Serie A, as he currently takes the second place with 23 saved penalties (only one saved penalty short of equaling the record), while he also takes one of the top places according to the percentage of saved penalties, and one time he also managed to save six penalties in a row.

Despite not winning too many trophies, he can boast about having been the first goalkeeper of the national team of Slovenia at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, as well as the best goalkeeper of the Italian Serie A in 2011 and 2013 and the best goalkeeper in the team of the year for the 2010/11 and 2012/13 seasons.

Despite this respected goalkeeper being in demand from many big clubs, first and foremost the powerhouses PSG and Manchester City, last year he extended the contract with FC Inter Milan and hinted at the possibility of ending his long-lasting senior career there.