His majesty, “Drunk Lobster”

By Ivana Vrselja September 6, 2017 Blog

Besides the extraordinary offer of fish specialties and the dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine which ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant is proud of, the culinary masters present you the most exclusive dish from their kitchen – its majesty, ‘’Drunk’’ lobster (with tomatoes and white wine sauce, with spaghetti).

This special inhabitant of sea depths is very popular on the menus of some of the most famous restaurants in the world and it is prepared in many different ways. However, the very preparation and the ingredients of ‘’Drunk’’ lobster have been a secret jealously kept for a long time among the chefs of ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant.

Lobsters belong to sea food and they are highly valued for their taste throughout the world. There is no person who does not like them – from the fishermen who catch them to the chefs in luxurious restaurants who put the lobster on the plate as if painting a real masterpiece on canvas.

The dishes made of lobster are the favourite part of menus of all the sea food lovers. But ‘’drunk’’ lobster is really something special and unrepeatable and that is why everybody should taste it as soon as they get a chance or when they visit ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant.

Even though almost all the ingredients used in preparing this delicious dish are well- known, what is also essential here is the skill in the preparation. All the spices, as well as their juices that they ooze while being stewed and then mix in one extraordinary sauce will additionally make the taste of this exquisite dish even stronger.

After a lobster has been cooked in salty sea water, the sauce made of tomatoes and spices, such as onion, garlic, parsley and olive oil is added to it. With the addition of white wine, it becomes a harmonious mixture of tastes that waits to be served with spaghetti.

However, what gives this popular dish its specific note of fineness is the legendary Scottish Glenmorangie Pride 1981 whiskey. This product of germinated barley, distilled in oak barrels as the climax of 28 years of passion, patience and art, with its rich and full taste makes every bite of this exotic dish a real pleasure.

Even though it was considered the food of the poor many years ago, with its mass exploitation, a lobster has found its exclusive place on the menus of numerous elite restaurants around the world. Its meat, in combination with white wine sauce and this extraordinary Scottish whiskey, has become a supreme delicacy and as such it has become an inevitable part of the diet among the people from the world of sport, acting and show business who strive for glamour and luxury.

We should also mention the fact that a lobster is world-known as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs. Certainly, a glass of wine with this unbelievable dish of ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant fulfills the overall experience.