Repeatedly visit by Manchester United star

Objavio Ivana Vrselja 30 lipnja, 2018 Blog

Every day, Gariful restaurant attracts more and more guests eager to taste the best-quality food and experience our supreme service, and that is why many famous people decide to have a break while sailing by their luxurious yacht and to enjoy both the well-known specialties of our restaurant and the view from its terrace.

This time we were honoured by the visit of our regular guest Ander Herrera, a Spanish midfielder of Manchester United FC, who attracted a lot of attention in the restaurant being a person well-known by sports lovers. He kindly posed to all the Manchester United fans who have a lot of respect for his contribution to the game and the victories of this famous Premier League club.

Mr Herrera does not need to be especially introduced since he was announced the player of the year in the last season, as well as the player of the match in the final of the UEFA Europa League and that is why he is greatly admired by the fans. He is known to be very passionate and active on the pitch, which was decisive for Manchester United’s winning of the second title of the Europa League. 

He came to the restaurant with his friends and they all enjoyed our specialties while watching the current match of Croatia in the World Cup, so he could also witness the overall excitement in the restaurant after the victory of our national team over Iceland.

Looking for a new excitement, he went with friends to famous club “Seven” to have some fun. Upon arrival, the club was already full and the atmosphere was still hot because of the home team’s victory in the match that everyone followed, but also because of hot rhythms from a DJ’s mixing table. In a good mood and atmosphere, Mr Herrera and his friends enjoyed drinks and music in the club until late hours.

What was supposed to be a by-pass station turned into a three-day trip. Thrilled by the good atmosphere of Hvar, food and nightlife, this famous soccer player decided to extend the visit in Hvar.

Mr Herrera excitedly said that the food and specialties prepared by the chefs of Gariful restaurant is an excellent quality and that during his three-day visit to Hvar, all the meals, desserts and refreshments were consumed exclusively in Gariful restaurant and club “Seven”, which showed us the great honor and trust that we deserved for tasty food and the ultimate service we provide to every guest without exception.

We were glad to have had the opportunity to welcome once again one an excellent sportsperson, and we are looking forward to his visiting us again soon.