Hvar cements luxury image with $200,000 Dom Perignon wine tasting

By Ivana Vrselja May 15, 2012 Blog

The island of Hvar has been hitting the headlines for a number of reasons in recent months, following the endorsement by Lonely Planet as its number 5 destination for 2012, and the island’s luxury island is about to be raised higher with the exclusive announcement to Digital Journal on May 15, 2012 of a luxury Dom Perignon wine tasting, which will rival the most expensive Champagne buying in the world.

Famous for its lavender, most hours of sun in the Adriatic and the only island in the world home to three UNESCO sites, Hvar has also successfully developed a reputation as an exclusive destination, with almost all of the top-end tourism centred in the main population centre, Hvar Town. Prince Harry’s swimming pool antics and Beyonce’s baby bump revelations did little to dampen the celebrity theme.

Hvar’s waterfront is temporary home to some of the world’s biggest yachts and celebrities each summer, who come to enjoy the pristine water, excellent restaurants and Venetian ambiance of the island which is home to the origins of the first organised tourism in Europe in 1868.

Hvar’s leading fish restaurant, Gariful, has been serving the rich and famous for years, with last year’s clients including Prince Harry, Giorgio Armani and Roman Abramovich, and it has been slowly raising the bar of quality tourism on the island.

The restaurant’s wine and Champagne list is legendary on the Adriatic and, with a strong partnership with Dom Perignon, the restaurant’s owner, Ivan Gospodnetic, told Digital Journal in an interview in the restaurant that it would be hosting an exclusive VIP tasting on June 2, with up to 40 specially invited guests coming to Gariful for an exclusive tasting of the Dom Perignon range.

At the centre of the tasting will be a symbol of the luxury of Hvar and confirmation how far the island has come as an exclusive destination: a very rare 6 litre bottle of Dom Perignon Rose Gold, one of only 35 made every year, whose bottle is worth more than the sparkling wine inside.

Known as an icon of luxury, Dom Perignon specialises in quality Champagnes, and the Rose Gold is described in [url=http://www.desilva.ro/node/71 t=_blank]glowing terms[/url]:

“Dom Perignon Rose Gold Mathusalem. Rarity. Seduction. Luxury. The three sets that complete Dom Perignon Rose 6 liter bottle, wrapped in a pink gold jewelry of Chaumet house. Dom Perignon Rose Gold Mathusalem embraces extraordinary ambition called luxury, being itself the essence of it, by the uniqueness and rarity of excellence used in creating such a fine drink. Just because of these attributes, only 35 bottles are produced per year.”

“We are delighted to be able to acquire one of the very rare Dom Perignon Rose Gold Mathusalem bottles,” said Gospodnetic. “Hvar is one of the most exclusive destinations in the Adriatic, and our guests expect – and receive – the highest levels of quality and service. Our ability to showcase such an exclusive product is further proof of Hvar’s arrival as an exclusive destination.” The bottle, which will not be opened, but will be on sale for 1 million Croatian kuna (US$200,000) will be one of the most expensive bottles ever on sale. The restaurant, which previously purchased four bottles of Dom Perignon White Gold, managed to sell three bottles.