In the expectation of “Peškafondo”, unique spectacle on island Hvar

By Ivana Vrselja November 2, 2017 Blog

The summer has passed, the autumn is already here, but the sun continues to brighten Hvar, the sunniest island on the entire Adriatic.
The all preparations for “Peskafondo 2017”, organized by restaurant “Gariful” are almost at the end, everyone is ready and impatiently waiting for the start of another edition of this unique event.
All registered teams are in a good mood and are eager to bring their ships to the open sea and show their skills in capturing squid with the help of the traditional cheater “Peškafondo” that will make their work easier. The applications have arrived from all sides, the final number of applications received is 39 teams, which will fight for prestige and the first place in the competition for hunting squid. During the festival, we are expecting sunny days, a clear sky, as well as a calm sea, so the competitors are only left to stumble and expect to end up with the greatest catch.
Good weather will give all visitors a good entertainment as well as perform an outdoor music concert. The Brass Orchestra is already on the road to the island of Hvar, where its music will make a real spectacle.
So, if you aren’t registered for the competition but want to be part of this unforgettable event, to have fun and a good time, visit the well-known destination – Riva, island of Hvar on Friday and Saturday, from the 3th to 4th November.