A Little Bit of French Magic at Gariful Every Monday

By Ivana Vrselja May 4, 2014 Blog




Gariful is delighted to announce a little French magic to the menu for the 2014 season.

Meet Guy Pardillos, a mentalist and magician, who will literally take your breath away every Monday from 20:00 at Restaurant Gariful. In his own words:

I do a Mentalism and Mind reading performance, telling people what they are thinking and how they are thinking about it.

Working internationally as « Mentalist & Close up Magician », I’m performing at various events around the world. Some examples include : corporate events, hotels, restaurants, private dinners, wedding and seminars.

Performing either Close-up Magic and Mentalism, walking around your guests for an intimate atmosphere, personal and professional feel. And/Or performing for larger groups with this surprisingly Mentalism performance of Mind reading, metal bending, Blindfolded driving car, etc. Guy is guaranteed to leave his audiences speechless.

Apart from his brilliance as a magician, one reason Gariful has decided to work with Guy this summer is his ability to be very unobtrusive, while still entertaining his guests – a rare talent. Check him out in the video below, or much better, come and see him live at Gariful, starting tomorrow!