Madonna’s lifestyle advisor declared Hvar’s “Seven” lounge and night bar as a unmissable gem

By Ivana Vrselja August 10, 2017 Blog

The team gathered around the owner of the restaurant “Gariful” – Ivan Gospodnetić, with so much love makes a lot of effort in order to present the offer of this elite restaurant through the professional service and to provide every guest with an unforgettable enjoyment in a meal with the sea view from the restaurant’s terrace.
Another confirmation for the exceptional effort and endeavours that this team puts into constant improvement of its service has come through a great recognition for the night club “Seven”, where one of the owners is also Ivan Gospodnetić, from the global lifestyle company “Quintessentially”. Behind this world famous brand stands a true icon of music and style and fashion, the trendsetter Madonna as an ambassador, as well as many other recognized figures from the music, art and business world.
Sometime before, in 2012. the restaurant “Gariful” was found side by side with some of the world’s most famous restaurants, “Quintessentially” put it in its exclusive offer for guests with sophisticated habits and fine taste.
“Quintessentially” gathers exceptional people around wanting to enjoy in quality things only, so some of the most famous and recognized members of this club are also its presenters: Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Daynes, music band Coldplay, boxer brothers Klitschko, Mick Jagger, David Haselhof and many others.
According to the editor of the “Quintessentially” official website, the club “Seven” is a true jewel among the night clubs on Hvar’s seafront, primarily because of its frequently organized interesting contents and thematic evenings which skillfully entice passers-by to enter and experience a part of its extraordinary atmosphere.
One should not forget the bartenders who, skilled in mixing drinks, give their guests an unforgettable experience of tasting unusual cocktails which will instantly lift their mood.
The things that actually attract curious guests are everyday thematic evenings of Brazilian music, Salsa, or the organized carnivals, fashion shows, exhibitions and interesting performances of various recognized artists.
This is certainly a great thing and an exceptional incentive for all the people who participate in the organization and providing service in the restaurant “Gariful” and the night club “Seven”, to continue with their hard work and gain recognitions and success in the European and world dimensions. And, as a matter of fact, the most important and the most significant recognition they can get every day is the smile of satisfied guests after staying at the aforementioned restaurant or nightclub.