The Magic of Gariful Yacht Supply as Guy Pardillos Meets Philip Zepter

By Ivana Vrselja July 24, 2014 Blog

The Gariful Yacht Supply business ig growing nicely, and our dedicated team is working hard to provide a range of services people on board their luxury boats, both on Hvar and the mainland. To learn more about Gariful Yacht Supply, click here.

There was a little bit of magic earlier this week, as Gariful welcomed back great friend and successful businessman Philip Zepter on his yacht Joy Me.

zepter-pardillos-gariful-hvar (2)

As Philip’s visit coincided with the regular night of French magic at Gariful with mentalist Guy Pardillos, Guy kindly agreed to give a private show of magic on Joy Me for Philip and his friends.

We hope you enjoyed the show, Philip, and we look forward to seeing you in the restaurant again soon.

Guy Pardillos will be weaving his magic at Gariful all summer, every Monday starting at 20:00. Check out the video below for a taste of what you can expect.