New for 2015: Gariful Olive Oil For Sale

By Ivana Vrselja June 16, 2015 Blog

The secrets of the quality of Dalmatian cuisine lies in the simplicity of its recipes and the fresh and outstanding quality of its products.

Along with seven other locations, the Mediterranean Diet on Hvar was given UNESCO Intangible Heritage status in 2013, and Gariful is a firm believer in sourcing produce locally where possible. The fruits of the Adriatic are available for all to see each day on a bed of ice in front of the restaurant, but this policy extends to vegetables, many of which are organically produced on Hvar, just for the restaurant.

As is the olive oil, pressed from olives on Gariful family olive groves near Jelsa on Hvar.

The virgin Gariful olive oil is now for sale in the restaurant, and it could make both a great souvenir and a healthy reminder of your holiday on Croatia’s premier island. Simply ask your waiter for more information on your next visit.