“Peškafondo”- Squid Hunting and Gastronomic festival on Hvar

By Ivana Vrselja September 29, 2017 Blog

Every year, after the season finishes and the beaches are closed for swimming, and the buzzing of tourists turns to silence, traditionally, a competition in squid hunt called ‘’Peškafondo Gariful Hvar’’ is organized by ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant.

‘’Peškafondo’’ event is organized for the 7th time. It is a charity event and its aim is to promote domestic autochthonous products in hospitality and, through fun and sport competitions, to prolong the season a bit more and to say goodbye to the summer in a grand style, with music, drinks and food from the Mediterranean cuisine. Every year, this event grows and attracts a greater attention of the guests from various countries, as well as of the journalists fromnewspapers and magazines, and television companies.

This interesting event, which lasts for two days and the main activity of which is catching squids with the traditional tools called ‘’Peškafondo’’, gathers the bravest and most courageous competitors who show their skills in competing with other teams, with the sea and the nature.

‘’Peškafondo’’ actually represents the imitation of a small fish with a hook, which is maybe the most famous trickster for catching squids. It is usually covered with cloth that can be of various colours, and at the end of peškafondo there is a wreath of bent needles which we hook squid’s legs to. Peškafondo was originally a shaped piece of lead which looked like a small fish, and, over time, it has been improved and now it can be found in various shapes, sizes and colours.

The right to participate is given to all the citizens of legal age fromour country and the countries from the region and around the world, as well as to the underage enthusiasts eager to compete, naturally, accompanied by a mature person. It is important to mention that the registration fee, besides the participation in the competition and squid hunt, also includes lunch with an aperitif and the entrance to the musical part of the evening and the after-party.

And what is really the most important is that the organizers of this event send all the money collected from the competitors to the Red Cross in order to help those who need it most.

The most successful hunters can expect valuable prizes, the cup for the winner and for the one who catches the biggest squid. But the winner is also insured with the glory that will last for a year, until the next competition when they will have a chance to prove their title of being the best.