‘’Peškafondo’’ – the adrenaline challenge for the most skilful fishermen

By Ivana Vrselja October 15, 2017 Blog

This year also, ‘’Peškafondo’’ competition in catching squids attracts a lot of attention, primarily the attention of the lovers of sea and fishing, but also of all the media since the event is not only a competition but a charity event where all the money collected from the participants will be given to the Red Cross so that it could help those who need it most. The summer season has come to its end and this is an ideal way to crown a really successful summer, with a lot of satisfied guests who visited Gariful restaurant. Also, ‘’Peškafondo’’ event represents a good way to animate the local people at the end of the tourist season, and to attract the attention of a certain number of tourists to come and explore the island and the town of Hvar, and to provide unique entertainment, as well, through sports competition, fun and music.

The applications for the participation in this prestigious event with a quite long tradition have already been coming from all over the world. Thus, besides the domestic teams and the teams from the countries in the region, there will also be teams from abroad. So far, 15 teams with the complete crew have secured their places in this competition of the most skilful fishermen. The deadline for the application submission is 1st November 2017, and since there is more than enough time left, it can be expected that the record number of teams from 2015, when 61 crews fought for the first prize in ‘’Peškafondo’’, may be surpassed.

When the programme of ‘’’Peškafondo 2017’’ is concerned, it lasts for two days, as usual, and the gathering point is in front of the Riva Hotel. The deadline for the application submission is 1st November in ‘’Pelegrini’’ agency and all the further information can be obtained on the phone number 098/916 0172 – Ivan. The setting sail is at 3 p.m., whereas the arrival has to be before 8 p.m., because, otherwise, the catch will not be taken into consideration. The crew on one ship can have up to 6 people max, and each team has to have the leader who takes the catch to be weighed. The applications can be submitted by all the adults (at least 18 years old), and younger, but with the obligatory presence of an adult person. When the fishing itself is concerned, traditional Peškafondo tool is used and the fishing is done from a vessel with no limitations in type or size. When the catch is concerned, only squids are taken into account, and the winner is the one who has the highest number of points during the first and the second day. The participation fee is 400 kunas per person with the right of participation in the programme scheduled for these two days.

Gariful restaurant, as the organizer, is using this opportunity to invite all those who have not applied yet to do it as soon as possible and to get all the equipment they need for this fishing competition. The best teams and individuals, besides getting valuable prizes, will also be remembered as the winners of ‘’Peškafondo’’ and their feats will be retold until the next year, and they will go down in history of this traditional event which takes part on the island of Hvar. If you really think that you possess the skills needed for catching squids and that you can be the winner of this famous sport event, apply today and come here to achieve the remarkable results through the guaranteed dose of adrenaline.

For the good spirits and entertainment of the guests on the first day, the tamburica band ‘’Dyaco’’ is in charge and their concert starts at 11 p.m. in ‘’Pink Champagne’’ club. Their performance will touch the hearts of all the participants in this tournament, as well as of the guests, and crown the first day of the competition. After the ships with their catch come into the harbour on the second day and the weighing and rating finish, all the teams go to the gala dinner after which the official announcement of the winner and the prize award ceremony will take place. The best is kept for the end sincethe guests will be entertained by the musical performance of Marko Perković – Thompson in ‘’Veneranda’’ and later in club “Pink Champagne” will be an after-party. The brass bandsalways wait for their chance to get to the scene and to heat the atmosphere in the club to the boiling point.