Playboy and Gariful

By Ivana Vrselja August 6, 2017 Blog

Yet another confirmation for the hard work and efforts which Gariful restaurant and its employees make in providing high-quality service and extraordinary food, has arrived in the form of a text in ‘’Playboy’’, a prestigious magazine with a long tradition.
Playboy is the most famous men’s magazine in the world, founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953, and it was known by its pictures of woman on a centrefold. The first woman who appeared on a centrefold was Marilyn Monroe. Over time, having your pictures taken for this magazine has come to be a thing of prestige, and a springboard for a successful career in the future.
This is not the first cooperation between ‘’Playboy’’ magazine and Gariful restaurant, because ‘’Playboy’’ company has already organized its famous parties on the restaurant’s terrace and in that way contributed to the promotion of its brand and to the promotion of the restaurant as well. Gariful was recommended in the recent editions of ‘’Playboy’’ as a prestigious restaurant with rich offer and service, and that it should be an imperative to visit it.
In their texts, the local versions of this global men’s magazine, present restaurants and other spheres that might interest modern men, such as films, music and sports activities.
In this month’s edition, ‘’Playboy’’ magazine presents Gariful restaurant in a text which is dedicated to the efforts of the management and its employees, who have been trying for years to raise this restaurant to a level which will secure it an elite status on a worldwide scale. In addition to the aforementioned wine cellar with rare wines, champagnes and food, in the text dedicated to the restaurant, ‘’Playboy’’ presents, in a remarkable way, this top-of-the-line restaurant which is located on the sunniest island of Hvar. Its regular guest are famous people from the world of sports, art and some of the most famous guests certainly are Prince Harry of Wales, fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Wladimir Klitschko, actresses Demi Moore and Eva LaRue, businessman Roman Abramovich and many others.