Playboy Magazine About Gariful Restaurant

By Ivana Vrselja August 1, 2013 Blog

In Playboy Magazine Gariful master chef, Stijepo Gurabic, is talking about what is like to bi the boss at the Gariful kitchen, why did he come and what are the specialties that they served.

«The name of the restaurant, when you translate it, it means carnation, the flower that symbolizes the close friendship, respect and deep emotions. These are relations that we, in the restaurant, respect. Close friendship between staff, respect to the guests and emotions for the food. That is the key of our success, and the reason I am here.»

Restaurant Gariful offers daily catch regional quality fish. You can choose from the various sorts of fishes, crabs and seashells…. Tuna, Dentex, Groper, John Dorry, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Lobster, Squids, Clamps.
Three favorite fishes in the kitchen of our chef are John Dorry, Dentex and Grooper, and all food taste better with rosemary, samphire and capers, he said. «With the richiest wine list in Dalmatia you can be sure that we will suit your taste.»

We are bringig you in Playboy Magazine the recipe for the famous specialty called Gregada.
Gregada ( fish stew) for 4 pers.
Clean one kilo of white fish, four potatoes, four onions, one garlic bulb and a bunch of parsley. All the ingredients cut into a large pieces and put all in the large stew pot, with the fish on the top. Add salt and pepper, one deciliter of olive oil and water to cover the fish. Turn the heat down to a simmer and let this cook until potatoes are done.
Bon appetite!