By Ivana Vrselja April 4, 2020 Blog

Considering the beginning of 2020 has been defined by the Coronavirus pandemic, we would to mention once again that for the safety of our guests and employees, we have decided to delay the season and open a little later this year. We truly believe we will come out of this stronger, and that currently people’s safety is our priority, so we will continue to act in accordance with this. You can follow all updates on the seasonal opening of the restaurant on our social media. Even though these are difficult times, we would like to bring some positive news, as well: it is both our honour and pleasure to announce that the Gariful restaurant has been featured in one of the most successful magazines in Germany.

Tv14 is a German TV guide and the bestselling consumer magazine in Europe. They claim their formula for success is the fact that tv14 combines different themes of a weekly magazine with the clarity of a bi-weekly television programme like no other TV magazine. The main spot in the article was taken by the Gariful restaurant, for which the tv14 magazine had only words of praise. They emphasised how Gariful had shown itself to be Hollywood’s top destination and revealed to the readers what makes the south parts of Croatia so magical and special. In summer, the island of Hvar transforms into a magical kingdom of lavender, but the real reason why the restaurant is considered to be so exciting it is that there is nowhere else in Croatia you could find more stars but here – Charlize Theron, Jon Bon Jovi, U2, and Prince Albert of Monaco, among others.

It is truly our honour that such a respectable and successful German magazine has recognized our efforts. Our goal is to provide all our guests with an unforgettable gastronomic experience and raise the service to a higher level. We would also like to mention that in our Gariful restaurant, everything is done with heart, passion, and a great love for working. Our guests recognise this and always gladly return to us, while we make an effort to turn every new visit into another unforgettable experience. Until the opening of the 2020 season, we would like to tell all our guests to stay safe and that we are looking forward to the moments we will spend together when all of this is over. #staysafe #gariful