Private area in restaurant Gariful where the biggest soccer stars watched World Cup Russia 2018

By Ivana Vrselja July 6, 2018 Blog

Gariful restaurant during its long tradition, in an unique way denotes a relationship with its guests and does everything in order for them to feel comfortable and enjoy the restaurants ambient along with their favorite dishes or beverages.

This year is of undeniable importance for all the people in Croatia, since the national representation football matches are regularly being followed. Every match from World Cup 2018. are watched in Gariful restaurant and all guests can cheer and support their own favorites in good mood and pleasant service.

As restaurant Gariful wants only the best and highest quality  for its guests, we have arranged a special corner at upper terrace for watching football matches from the World Cup in Russia, as well as other important sport events.

This separate section for fallowing matches is located on the upper terrace, where guests can have their own privacy during games, and  can enjoy in not only the most quality dishes and beverages, but also the staffs impeccable service. Staff is only available to them and can also fulfill any of their whishes.

During the World Cup in Russia, some of the most important matches played in the 1/8 finals were watched in Restaurant Gariful by famous soccer stars and our acquaintances like Samir Handanovic, Inter Milan goalkeeper, Ander Herrera, soccer player of Manchester United, Keylor Navas, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper with some of members of the Costa Rica national team who themselves took part in the World championship under the flag of Costa Rica.

All of them pointed out that they enjoyed their time spent on the upper terrace special nook, watching interesting matches of the World Cup 2018., while having some of the most exquisite dishes along with a glass of their favorite drink.

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