A Quality Supplier for a Luxury Restaurant: Thank You Suncobrani.ba!

By Ivana Vrselja October 11, 2014 Blog




As many of our guests and friends will know, Restaurant Gariful suffered a devastating fire last week, which destroyed 90% of the terrace in minutes. Fortunately the restaurant had no guests at the time, as it was early evening, and nobody was injured. Gariful is extremely grateful to the outstanding response of the Hvar Fire Service, who were on the scene in three minutes, and our brave firemen dealt with the fire immediately.

With a superhuman effort from suppliers and staff, the restaurant was incredibly open less than 24 hours later, when it seemed that nothing had happened, and Gariful would like to thank everyone for their help and messages of support during this difficult time.

The story of one supplier will explain the generosity of spirit, and passers-by can now see the excellent new parasols on the Gariful terrace. Soon after the fire, the boss of Suncobrani.ba, Srdjan Vranesevic, called to offer his support, which included an express delivery and special price, despite the fact that the relationship with Gariful had been limited previously to a couple of phone calls.

Thank you Srdjan for your outstanding service. Gariful is proud to have your quality product on the terrace, and we 100% recommend your products. For more information check out Suncobrani.ba.

gariful-parasol (1) gariful-parasol (2)

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