By Ivana Vrselja August 23, 2019 Blog

In a world full of craziness, full of extraordinary, where nothing and everything is normal, we decided to make an arrangment with the “how did you do it” king in person. His greatness has recognized our potential and immediately accepted the offer and the rest is history.

Who are we talking about? Well, Guy Pardillos, Frenchman with Croatian adress. Moving to a foreign country without the language and trying to find work is never easy, but for this magician and mentalist who has been living in Split for a couple of years, it’s been going very well. His face may well be familiar to those of you who have dined in some of the better restaurants in Dalmatia, where is a regular and very popular performer. His performance is ideal for people of any generation, who likes the unusual mixed with fascinating captivate and funny moments. He can manage you to experience the top-quality moments of unusual magic right in front of you.

Reading all this we don’t have to waste words to explain why this man colaborates with Gariful. He is with us on regular basis and, on demand, comes and make our guests feel fascinated and well entertained. He poses different sorts of tricks, all kinds of magic, he knows what are you thinking about more than you do! You know that our clients always comes first so why wouldn’t we give them a little joy to forget all there worries? If they are happy, so we are and that is priceless. So come and meet Guy, let him take you out of your shoes. Or bring one extra.