Restaurant ’’Gariful’’ has successfully organized another ‘’Peškafondo’’

By Ivana Vrselja November 14, 2017 Blog

What was originally an interesting idea and the wish of enthusiasts in love with fishing and squid hunting, turned out into a real, little tradition. ‘’Peskafondo’’ has been organized for already seven years in a row, and it gathers all people of goodwill who wish to have fun during squid hunting and socializing with other participants.
All the participants were received with hospitality in front of ‘’Riva’’ hotel by the restaurant Gariful’s staff, so they were able to calm down their feeling of impatience and nervousness right before the competition by tasting Croatian delicacies, cocktails and wine.
This year 39 teams sailed their boats to the open sea for squid hunting and mutual clash, as well as the direct combat with the sea and the nature. However, only one crew would come out as a true winner, if it caught the most kilograms of squid.
Officially, the best squid hunters with the help of traditional cheat-tool peskafondo, were the members of the team ‘’Primoštenci’,’ with the total of 22kg of fish, caught in two days. ‘’Primoštenci‘’ caught the biggest fish specimen, 35 cm long, thus proving themselves to be the biggest masters in catching the squid as well. However, we should not forget about ‘’Adventure Nautica’’ team, which caught the smallest squid, 4.1 cm long. Second place in the competition was won by the team ‘’Hvarsko-Splitska veza’’ with 10.6 kg, whereas the third place belonged to the team ‘’Zagora’’, with 6.8 kg of squid caught.
After the measurement and the winners’ announcement, everybody enjoyed the music at Marko Perković Thompson’s concert in “Veneranda”, as well as the trumpet orchestra’s music, which brought the audience to its feet in front of ‘’Riva’’ hotel. After midnight, the party continued in the club ‘’Pink Champagne’’ till late into the night.
The two-days manifestation has lived up to everyone’s expectations. Apart from great interest and a large number of teams showing up, 100,000 kn has been collected for little Noah Slaven Štimac, which would help him fight a malignant disease. We hope for his fast recovery and a fast return home. Money collected from the ticket sale for the manifestation ‘’Peškafondo 2017’’ has amounted to 30,000 kn. The rest was donated by restaurant ‘’Gariful’’ and club ‘’Pink Champagne’’, so we would like to express our gratitude to everyone not only for taking part in this competition, but also for taking part in this humane act. See you next year on “Peškafondo 2018”.