Save Our Beautiful and Precious Adriatic Sea: Oppose Oil and Gas Drilling!

By Ivana Vrselja February 7, 2015 Blog

It is perhaps the most precious resource for the island of Hvar.

A resource that hundreds of thousands of people enjoy every summer as they lie on the beach and swim in its pristine waters.

A resource that delivers fresh quality seafood to the island daily, the very best of which you can sample at Gariful.

A resource which is under threat, and with it, quality tourism for the entire Adriatic coast.

The decision to allow oil and gas exploration in our beloved Adriatic Sea is one with Gariful strongly opposes, for the danger to Croatia’s greatest tourism resource – the Adriatic Sea – is obvious.

Join us in opposing this crazy decision, and join thousands of others who are gaining in numbers in an attempt to save the Adriatic and Croatian tourism from exploitation.

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