Step into the path of success – Gariful employs new personnel!

By Ivana Vrselja February 23, 2018 Blog

The Restaurant Gariful enters the new season with new plans and greater appetites in respect of strengthening its position of being the most elite restaurant on the Island of Hvar. There are preparations for the upcoming season in progress which will be readily met by the restaurant management in a new light and with a somewhat changed interior, when the restaurant is expected to show its full splendor and welcome its most loyal guests who have had confidence in it year after year.

Thus, with the enlargement of its capacity and business scope, the Gariful Restaurant is in the need of new members of staff, mainly in the kitchen, but also at the positions of waiters, sommeliers, and hostesses who are to contribute to better presentation of the restaurant offer and to the overall satisfaction of guests.

The compulsory criteria for applying for the open positions in the Gariful Restaurant primarily include the required qualifications and minimum two years of experience at the same or similar positions to the ones listed. Advanced level of English language is a required condition, while the knowledge of another foreign language is an additional quality. Professionalism, positive attitude towards job and people, ability to work under pressure in the given environment also represent important characteristics of the listed positions.

The restaurant is in the need of employees at the following positions:

This position requires first of all formal education in relevant institutions, experience at the position of sommelier, but also certain ethical standards that, along with general hospitability and professional approach, contribute to the comfort of a restaurant guest and in case he/she is uncertain about the wine choice, a sommelier is there to provide expert assistance. Certainly, some of a sommelier’s tasks involve taking care of the restaurant’s wine card, wine selection, and procurement, as well as its preservation, storage, tasting, and recommendation of the right wine to accompany the guests’ meal.

Sushi chef
Educated sushi chefs with experience acquired in some of the well-known restaurants, they also need to possess earnest serious and professional approach to work, as well as willingness to further improve their skills. Obligations of a sushi chef include taking care of necessary ingredients for sushi specialties; whereas a level of innovation and creativity in work and while preparing sushi meals is desirable.

Assistant chef
Due to the expansion of business scope, a need for assistant chef arises as a necessity. It is obligatory to meet the criteria such as vocational education, experience in the position of main chef or assistant chef. Certainly, besides competence and professionalism, a certain level of creativity and innovation in work is desirable.

Apart from the formal education and acquired experience, a waiter should primarily possess high standards regarding ethics, kindness, hospitability, and exceptional communication skills in order to present the offer of this luxurious restaurant in the proper manner. Certainly, willingness to obtain further knowledge and skills is always welcome.

Assistant waiter
Qualifications and experience in the working positions of waiter or assistant waiter are obligatory conditions necessary when applying for this position. All criteria for the position of a waiter apply here as well, with emphasis on readiness to learn and obtain additional skills.

Experience in conducting promotions and working as a hostess during certain events or restaurants is a necessary condition. Agreeable appearance, kindness, high standards regarding ethics, hospitability, as well as extremely developed communication skills are advantages in the selection of the adequate person for a job in the Gariful Restaurant .

All persons with necessary experience in the required fields, desirous to demonstrate and improve their skills in an elite restaurant Gariful are welcome to send their CV and motivational letter to the following address: