The End of Beautiful Story: Gariful Sports Centre Closes

By Ivana Vrselja June 18, 2013 Blog

Ivan Gospodnetic and his wife, Dragana, decided to do something more for Hvar’s children and youth. They started at 2010. with their vision of multipurpose facilities Centre ( Gariful sports centre). The final goal was to improve sports and to liven up the long winter months. They invested lots of love, hard work, and resources to achieve objectives.

There are lots of projects, events and happenings that were organized at Gariful Sports Centre. You can see below their diversity.

Youth Sports Games; Paintball tournament; Football tournament Adio Lito (Farewell to Summer) 2010., 2011., 2012.; International veteran football tournament 2012.; International friendly foodball matches Croatia –Iran 2011., 2012. ( in cooperation with Town Hvar); Tennis tournament; Tennis school for juniors; Summer tennis school; Amateur female and male tennis tournament; Organizing parachute jumping and Kid’s Day within Tournament Adio Lito; One period there was a possibility riding a horse; Organizing several darts and billiards tournaments, Tournament in squid fishing ,Peškafondo 2011.,2012.; Organizing the numerous concerts (Elvis Presley, Jambolaya, grupa Boss, Gego); Organizing Christmas and New Year celebrations; Valentine’s Day celebration; Organizing birthday parties for children ( this was the only place in town with that capability)

As you can see, Gariful Sports Center was offering numerous activities for citizen of Hvar, as well as of whole island. Their vision was fulfilled: new activities for kids, events during the whole year, better sports opportunities and place for socialising.
Now, everythinhg is gone, because the owner of the object has other plans for the Centre.
But, some of tournaments and events will continue, such as Adio Lito and Peškafondo. There is no doubt that Ivan Gospodnetic will continue with his efforts to make the winter life of island eventful, and to create new activities and content for the Hvar’s children.