The Oscar winner tasted a piece of heaven at Gariful

By Ivana Vrselja May 22, 2018 Blog

There is only a handful of places that can attract the attention of the fastidious members of the world jetset in the summer, but if they decide to enjoy high-quality seafood in combination with some of the best wines, the island of Hvar and Gariful restaurant are an indispensable destination for every gourmet hedonist.

Today our guest was mr Nicolas Chartier, the owner of the production company Voltage Pictures, a world-renowned French film producer and the winner of the Academy Award (Oscar) for the best film of the year – Hurt Locker (2008).

The allure of Hvar as an island and of Gariful restaurant with a beautiful garden and an exceptional sea view, attracts on a daily basis a lot of guests who represent the world elite in their respective professions.

Mr Chartier was accompanied by a friends, and together they enjoyed seafood and good wine in the pleasant ambience of the restaurant. They didn’t stay long, but they left the restaurant with nothing but good impressions, and they convinced us they will remember us for a long time.

Thank you Mr Chartier for being a part of Gariful’s story, hope to see you soon!