The Restaurant Gariful Opens Its Doors in the New Season

By Ivana Vrselja April 19, 2018 Blog

Years pass, seasons change, but the good tradition remains. Every season the restaurant Gariful raises the level of service and quality, the fact that is recognized daily by our satisfied guests.

After the winter break, the sun once again drew people out on the streets, and this is an opportunity for the restaurant Gariful to open its doors to all visitors, and to shine in all of its splendor at the beginning of the new season.

Just like every year, the restaurant Gariful will welcome its regular and loyal guests at the beginning of the season, as well as all those who wish to enjoy their meal or a glass of quality wine and to at least for a moment experience a part of the luxury in one of the most elite restaurants on the Croatian coast.

The restaurant Gariful used the time between the two seasons primarily for interior improvements, garden and terrace decoration, but also for bringing in reinforcements in the form of new staff, so that it would be able to properly respond to all the requests of the customers who belong to the very top of the world elite.

Everything is ready for the beginning of the season, and so the restaurant management can breathe a sigh of relief and with a smile welcome all the curious guests eager for some quality food and a sip of wine from the famous restaurant wine cellar.

Please pay us a visit at the good old location, and arm yourself with a good mood and a smile. The big opening is scheduled for 24 April and of course you are all welcome!

See you!