Violin & Piano duo exclusively in Gariful restaurant

By Ivana Vrselja April 27, 2019 Blog

In case you have decided to visit the Gariful restaurant these days, we have a great honour to surprise you with a fantastic performance of a musical duo of Milica and Nemanja Ognjanovic called Violin & Piano duo.

With the incredible union of the prominent sound of the violin and the sophisticated melody of the piano, this music professors’ duo has not left anyone indifferent for more than 20 years.

This duo’s uniqueness and the excellence of their vocal ranges, as well as their virtuosity and skills in playing the violin and the piano or the keyboards, make them extraordinary and the impression they leave on the audience proves how exceptional and outstanding they are in comparison to other musicians. With the light notes of popular classical, evergreen and vocal and instrumental music, they easily reach the hearts of the audience and the emotions from the past are awoken again. They have already had an enviable number of performances in some of the most elite hotels, at private parties and at some exclusive places, festivals and events.

All the guests in the Gariful restaurant who visit it in the period from 3rd -6th September 2018 will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves with all their senses. Besides the astonishing sea view from the restaurant terrace and the delicious specialties of the house, they will be able to fulfill the pleasure with the marvelous music of this duo performed both on their instruments and with their remarkable voices.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to listen to this duo performing some of the most illustrious compositions of contemporary classical music as well as of modern pop music.