When Harry Met Gariful

By Ivana Vrselja March 15, 2012 Blog

Prince Harry’s notorious night in the Veneranda swimming pool in Hvar Town was probably the biggest story on Hvar in 2011, closely followed by Beyonce revealing her baby bump at Hula Hula Beach Club a few days later, but the young prince had more fun than just dancing the night.

Any young royal looking for a feast fit for a potential future king should head to one address only, and according to media reports, Prince Harry did just that, heading for Hvar’s premier exclusive fish restaurant, Gariful. Dinner was followed by a stop at trendy cocktail bar, Caffe Sidro, before heading on to his infamous antics at Veneranda.

So if you want to party like a prince on Hvar this summer, there are three main stops to plan: dinner at Gariful, drinks at Sidro, then party the night away at Veneranda, although it should be stressed that the swimming pool is off limits…