Wine- awakening of senses with Gariful restaurant wine list

By Ivana Vrselja July 17, 2017 Blog

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of various kinds of grapes, the fruit of a plant named vine and it is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. This is what makes it an inevitable part of many European and Mediterranean cuisines. Even though it is not known when a man actually tasted his first glass of wine, it has always been considered a special gift and a beverage of gods. Even the contemporary medicine agrees with the fact that moderate consumption of this noble drink not only improves the mood but it also has medicinal properties which positively affect the whole organism, especially the heart.

Although the place of the origin of the first wine cannot be accurately determined, the first records on wine in China date back 8000 years ago, and the first proofs of wine production come from the territory of today’s Iran, about 5000 years ago. On the territory of Croatia, wine was recorded in history together with the arrival of the first Greek immigrants and their wine production on the islands in southern Dalmatia – Vis, Hvar and Korčula, 2500 years ago.

There are many kinds of wine, so they could be divided primarily according to their colour, and then according to the regional origin or the way of production. The simplest and the most popular division is according to its colour, and thus we have White, Rosé (pink) and Red wine.

For every true gourmet and hedonist, the consumption of high-quality wine combined with delicious food represents a unique experience and a real pleasure since wine emphasizes the sensual experience and the taste of many specialties. It is also sometimes used as an ingredient during the food preparation.

A wine cellar is something that recommends the offer of Gariful restaurant to all the real wine lovers and it represents a priceless treasure because there are more than 500 different kinds from various parts and regions of the world, well-known for the tradition of making this extraordinary beverage. There is no need to emphysize that here you can find some of the really rare bottles of wine which are hard to find in Europe and even in the world because its production is limited. That is also the reason why their price is extremely high and thus it is of extreme importance how it is stored as well. For that purpose, special refrigerators are used and they can provide optimal conditions for its storage and guarantee the preservation of the quality of the wine bottled in some of the very rare wine bottles.

Naming all the sorts of wine that can be found in the restaurant’s offer would take a lot of time, but it is certainly important to mention some of the most prestigious bottles that ‘’Gariful’’ restaurant is proud of. On its wine list, besides Croatian wines, the dominating ones are French and Italian ones, mainly from the world-known region of Tuscany. Here you can also find wines from faraway countries like Chile or New Zealand. With a special reason, we could present ‘’Chateau Petrus’’, red wine from France, since every real connoisseur knows that the bottle of this expensive wine is of the highest quality and that its consumption represents a unique and unrepeatable experience. ‘’Chateau Margaux’’ from Bordeaux, France, is a bit more affordable wine, but equally appreciated by the true lovers of this beverage because it belongs to the ‘’Premier Grand Cru’’ class, which means that it is wine of extreme quality.

Also, we must not forget a special sparkling sort of wine, i.e. champagne, which was consumed on special occasions for celebrations, for marking special dates and events. However, today, the trend of drinking champagne has become a custom for all the occasions, probably due to people’s need to please themselves and to turn every moment into something special and unique so we can say that it will make all your celebrations better and enrich it with a certain dose of glamour and luxury in a glass of bubbling wine. Gariful restaurant offers an extraordinary choice of champagne with, of course, one of the most prestigious bottles that improve the mood and put a smile on everybody who consumes it.

One of the most luxurious bottles is the champagne from France, the prestigious ‘’Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998’’ which is among the top 3 on the world lists. However, the two of the most expensive champagnes that can be found in this extraordinary collection of wine, and which can rarely be found in the offers of some of the world-famous restaurants are: a 3-litre ‘’Magnum’’ bottle of ‘’Dom Perignon White Gold’’ 1995, the packing of which is gilded with white gold and it really represents a great treasure of its owner, as well as the rare 6-litre ‘’Magnum’’ champagne bottle of ‘’Dom Perignon Rose Gold’’ 1996 for the consumption of which you need to spend a small fortune, but the taste of which will awaken all your senses and tickle your palate with its bubbles so you will wish to pour more.